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Towel Disney Winnie The Pooh dot motif 60cm x 40cm - my Sports Paradise

Towel Disney Winnie The Pooh dot motif 60cm x 40cm

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€ 7,50
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Cotton towel for all Disney Winnie The Pooh fans.

Winie the Pooh on a white background, with many
colorful dots. The i-dot is mimed by the beloved honey.
A busy bee flies out of the honey pot and pulls one
dashed line behind it. You roam the red one Winnie The Pooh Lettering that can be seen above the bear.

Technical specifications:

Brand: Disney winnie the pooh
Motif: Winnie The Pooh dot motif
Size: 40cm x 60cm

Material: 100% cotton

Tested according to ÖkoTex standards.

Care instructions for my Sports Paradise products

We generally recommend items with samples
to turn left and then wash.

For items with mesh or cut outs
can one Protection net . Recommend

Avoid a wash
together with clothes,
which contain zippers or the like.

We recommend the products at max 40 ° C zu to wash.

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