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2 Side Bright - my Sports Paradise
2 Side Bright - my Sports Paradise
2 Side Bright - my Sports Paradise

2 side bright

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2 Side Bright sports pants from Athletics Wear

2 Side Bright sports pants, Colorful and bright in the front, black in the back.
Like a training cycle, not everything is always uphill.
For the lows you need a good gym partner. 

The Athletics Wear leggings supports you at all times.


Athletics Wear leggings are due
very robust
and at the same time stretchable.
The high compression ratio ensures 

an optimal fit on the skin.

The ones we specified sizes have been tested several times and 
confirmed by our customers. So we give that Size guarantee
and take care of the return if Athletics Wear as stated above
shouldn't fit.

✔ breathable
✔ moisture regulating
✔ non-slip / anti-slip
✔ natural push-up effect
✔ skin-friendly fabric
✔ elastic material
✔ seamless processing
✔ high compression ratio for muscle protection
✔ faster recovery time after the workout
✔ UV protection
✔ opaque fabrics
✔ vegetarian + vegan fabrics
✔ high color quality even with strong stretching
✔ Squat proofed
✔ Kangoo Jumps proofed
✔ Krav Maga proofed
✔ Your proof ...

  • Material: 77,5% polyester, 22,5% elastane

  • Athletics Wear leggings, non-slip due to high compression.
    Tailored muscle protection and faster regeneration.
    Copacabana leggings with a natural push-up effect

    Athletics Wear leggings stand out in addition to a high diversity
    of patterns and variations characterized by an extremely high quality.

    Tailored leggings for your legs and buttocks.
    Non-slip, tailored leggings
    and full focus on your workout.
    No more annoying pulling
    because the high compression ratio ensures
    for a great fit with absolute comfort.

    High waisted pattern leggings, mesh leggings, leggings with cut outs,
    solid color leggings, denim jeans style leggings,
    or a mix of different styles offers Athletics Wear.

    Breathable fabrics with a UV protection for your carefree leggings.
    The fabrics tested for skin friendliness
    specially colored with a more environmentally friendly and durable Japanese ink.
    So guaranteed Athletics wear high color quality even with larger ones
    Stretching the pants. To date, the product has also been washed several times
    not yet led to major deviations.

    A customer even had your leggings before, during and after pregnancy
    The pants that grow with you. Of the Shaping effect looks super natural and forms a beautiful figure.
    The advantage of this is high compression very high especially for pregnant women.
    Prevent water retention and optimal support for the legs.

    Athletics Wear leggings for weight training, yoga, dancing, cardio workouts, abdominal, leg and butt training,
    home workouts, Hula Hoop, Kangoo Jumps, or as an athleisure stroll through the city.

    Care instructions for my Sports Paradise products

    We generally recommend items with samples
    to turn left and then wash.

    For items with mesh or cut outs
    can one Protection net . Recommend

    Avoid a wash
    together with clothes,
    which contain zippers or the like.

    We recommend the products at max 40 ° C zu to wash.

    Delivery information for my Sports Paradise products:

    We ship Our products with DHL
    A corresponding one Tracking link we make available to you.

    We ship within Germany
    also at DHL Packstations.
    You can get more information from our
    general shipping conditions . refer

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