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about us

Heavenly, sporty, fresh, modern.
Why my sports paradise?

Know-how over 6 years more international
Market experience in E-Commerce encounters 4 years
worldwide industrial trade.

25 years of trading experience in total.

Customers should shop relaxed with us.
We respond to your questions as best and individually.

Over 3.550 satisfied customers overall from more
than 17 countries have already bought our products:

Australia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands
Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Spain
Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA ...

The my Sports Paradise philosophy:

We have set ourselves the goal of growing needs
to individual functional sportswear to come after.
The healthy lifestyle, in addition to a balanced,
healthy eating, regular workouts for the body.

From a mental point of view, YOU like to train most and most effectively,
if you feel comfortable in your skin. This includes that
Self-esteem + the resulting feeling when looking at others.

Everyone has a different body shape by nature.
Customers often told us that the standardized sizes XS, S, M
have strong fluctuations in trade. Because of small
Lots (e.g. buttocks, thighs, bust, ...) nevertheless
Always a challenge to find an optimal fit.

With the Sports brand Athletics Wear, we have a close cooperation
and act as an intermediary in the European market. Here we could already
Develop products that convince even top athletes.

In addition, it is particularly important to us that we
work sustainably. Our processes have to be international
Meet standards.

"Qualität hat seinen Preis,
muss aber nicht überteuert sein".

With this credo we want to be long-term
together with Athletics Wear the ideas
Designs & suggestions from our customers
implement in individual sports fashion.

That is why we do without the
Hype of "vegan sportswear" Advertising.
If you consciously consume food,
please also consciously consume products.

Are polyamide, polyester, elastane plastics.
How can something contain artificial animal parts?

Cotton, as the name suggests, does not come from animals.

Talia Sachs - Athletics Wear sportswear - the Copa Cabana feeling

You want your paradise - welcome to my Sports Paradise

Kai Czerwinski - CEO - looks closely

© Kai Czerwinski / Joachim Böhme

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