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Sports and Myths

Here we show you some myths that have prevailed in sports and fitness for years

Who does not know her; the myths surrounding that
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With this page we would like to clear up some of these myths for you.

a) Anyone who does sport can eat anything

This is not true when athletes eat excessively calories.
Then even doing a lot of sport does not have the desired effect.

Side fact:
An initial weight gain can be justified by
that the muscles build up. Because muscles are heavier than fat, the scales are not always the best parameter for measuring success.

b) Do the same exercise again if your muscles are sore

Sore muscles are small injuries to the muscle.
Therefore the muscle needs rest and relaxation.
So a direct repetition of the exercises is not recommended.
Rather, it is advisable to stretch and stretch the areas.
Gymnastics exercises, light jogging or swimming support the blood flow to the injured muscles and thus help with regeneration.

c) Exert more power = get fitter

Again, a resounding no is the answer.
Rest periods are absolutely essential in the regeneration of muscles.
It is therefore advisable to include at least one day of rest.

d) After 30 minutes of endurance sports, fat burning begins

Fat burning starts earlier, but only with a small percentage. After half an hour, however, the body begins to draw more energy from the fat reserves. It is therefore advisable to always do endurance sports for 30 to 45 minutes.

e) Sport makes you slim

That's not true. Those who eat in a calorie deficit lose weight. But sport is an ideal addition. Muscle building such as through weight training increases the basal metabolic rate. With effective endurance sport, the calorie consumption is increased.

f) Eating in the evening makes you fat

One of the most common myths.
Whether you eat 400kcal for lunch or in the evening. Calories are calories.
US researchers were able to refute this myth in a study.

g) Who sweats a lot burns more fat

The body only loses water through sweating.
Fat burning is stimulated by endurance sports.
Running, swimming, cycling are particularly suitable.