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Absolute power:
Strength that a muscle or a muscle group can absolutely perform.
Reduction of the training load after the performance training
Gymnastics direction that is very endurance-focused.
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Respiratory rate:
Number of breaths per minute

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Ability to maintain a level of performance.

Endurance run:
longer runs run to optimize endurance

Run at reduced intensity for relaxation

Use of the performance requirements for performing an activity

Stress level:
Size of the stress for the execution
a training load is applied.

Personal requirement to perform a certain activity.

human ability to endure stress positively.

Increase in body weight pressure on one side,
while the other side is relieved.

Type and size of the load requirement by parameters
can be assessed.

Increasing load:
Training load until reaching maximum performance

Load continuously:
even training load

Mechanical load:
Effects of external forces on the body

Coping with stress:
Realizing a burden of increasing
Stabilization, or restoration of performance is used

Load duration:
Time sequence of an exercise

Best performance:
Maximum performance in a competition / challenge

motor requirement for performing exercises

Agility training:
Training to maximize or maintain mobility.

Ball game which on a table
is played with 3 side holes each

Italian throwing game with balls (target game).

Ground combat:
Combat form from judo and rings

sporty direction of body shaping through targeted
Structure and expression of muscle areas.

small hand sports equipment for performing exercises

Energy gain from the nutrients glucose, proteins, fats
without taking oxygen consumption into account.

Federal Competitive Sports Committee:
Committee of the German Sports Confederation (DSB) which, in accordance with the articles of association, has to create the necessary prerequisites for the promotion and coordination of top-class / competitive sports.

Federal Youth Games:
Competition in the Federal Republic of Germany,
who has been at schools and sports associations since 1951
is carried out.

Coach: Instructor, coach of a team / athlete

Crossfit: from America, combination of weightlifting, sprinting, self-weight exercises and gymnastics to promote strength, speed, skill, balance, coordination and accuracy.

Cut out leggings:
Leggings with mostly burned-in holes (using a laser)

Curvy line:
Sports line from Athletics Wear with sizes
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highest level (master degree) in judo (martial arts)

Target game / throwing game with arrows, as a single or team sport
can be executed

Endurance run:
Endurance run


Denim leggings:
Leggings in jeans style

Direct play:
immediate forwarding of a ball to the teammate,
without stopping, taking or dribbling.

Exclusion from the current competition

Team sport with 2 active athletes each.

Movement / rotation around your own body axis

Self reflex:
Reflex, in which stimulus realization and stimulus organ are identical.

Talent for an activity

Operational readiness:
Prerequisite for the realization of tasks and goals.

preparatory gymnastics before a competition

Speed ​​increase at the end of a competition

energy Expenditure:
Converting nutrients into energy

Relaxation exercise:
Exercise to relax the muscles

Adventure sports:
Adventure sports

extreme form of fatigue
The sensory organs get used to a repeatedly applied stimulus

Handstand: Exercise where the stretched body is supported on the hands

Training device with weights for strength and conditioning training

High waisted leggings:
Waist-cut leggings
Hula hoop:
big tire which by circular body movements
is kept going

Hula hoop dance:
Hula is a "narrative dance" that comes from Hawaiian. Hula-hoop dance combines moving elements to the classic hula-hoop, which is carried out statically.

Hula hoop fitness:
Hula-Hoop Fitness combines hula hoop with sport fitness exercises

Hypertension: Hypertension

Hypotension: low blood pressure

Infight: Close combat in boxing

Interval method:
Training method with repeated alternation of stress and incomplete recovery phases.

Jab: Punch while boxing

Jiu Jitsu: Japanese style of self-defense without weapons

To jog: Endurance run

Judo: Combat sport with throwing and floor techniques

Kangoo jumps:
Sport with special Kangoo Jumps (spring-loaded) shoes

vertical upward movement by pulling the arms and pushing the legs

Compression Leggings:
Leggings with reinforced compression fabric
For a better fit and muscle protection

Krav Maga:
Krav Maga is a modern Israeli self-defense system

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Mesh leggings:
Leggings with mesh insert

Print leggings:
Leggings with pattern printing