Sportswear 4 U

Shooting in Sinntal

True to the motto "normal everyone can"
you have to imagine our photo shoot in Sinntal.

the slightly different photo shoot for
our premium brand Athletics wear

Model with barbell on the shoulders in denim jeans leggings style by Athletics Wear

Planning the shoot - what needs to be considered
- and then everything turned out differently - spontaneously

Our friend the weather frog was not invited to the shoot and so we had to go at short notice a good alternative find that is feasible for everyone involved. We have it in Diebitz (Sinntal), thanks to the spontaneity of @hoopfoxxy found.

Model with dumbbell in her right hand in a sporty black athletic wear outfit

Motivated on the set - the models know what to do.

Model pausing during the shoot in the gym for the Athletics Wear sports fashion

Shooting planning and process - why plan
if trust works when choosing a team

Models, make-up artists, presenters and photographers quickly found their hot spots and organized themselves among themselves.

At the two-day shoot we were able to do the following day
test our luck in the weather and open our shoot
to relocate a castle. There were many great pictures here too.

Rest after the castle shoot

- Results that inspire -
- Sports fashion with the Copacabana feeling -
- Athletics Wear -

Group photo of the models at the Burg Shooting in Sinntal for Athletics Wear

We are proud of our partners
and will also master future projects together.

We thank everyone involved for
two exciting days with exciting personalities.