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Six pack, beach body, Bikini body?

All just media and illustration, or does this world really exist?

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Our top paradise workouts
for stomach, legs, buttocks.

Define yourself!

The Workouts we divide it into the following levels of difficulty:

  • Beginners = 🥥
  • Average = 🏝️
  • Professional = 🏖️

Abdominal exercises - six pack to take away please!

The trend is towards flat stomach. Sit-ups, planks & crunches are just a fraction of the basic workouts that can be carried out for a defined, firm stomach.

1. High Knee (run) - high knee run (while standing) - 🥥

► trained muscle groups: Abdominal muscles & hip flexors

In this exercise, the legs are pulled up alternately.
Pull your legs up as much as you can. For a clean execution
make sure that the upper body remains straight.

2. Crunch - 🥥

► trained muscle groups: straight abs

This exercise is carried out slowly and in a controlled manner.
In contrast to the classic sit-up, you straighten the body
not quite on.

3. Plank - 🥥

► trained muscle groups: straight abs

Lean on your elbow and stand in a straight line
on tiptoe. Hold this position as long as you can. Around a hollow cross
to avoid the abs deliberately tense during execution.

Bianca with a variation and
clean execution of a plank

© B. Neuweiler

4. Plank Jacks - 🏝️

trained muscle groups: lateral abdominal muscles

Enter the Plank position.
Jump as with the classic "jumping jack"
legs to the side and then back again.
Find a suitable bar by holding this position.
The most suitable is to hold the position for 1 second before changing.

5. Russian Twist - 🥥

trained muscle groups: lateral abdominal muscles

Sit on your buttocks and raise your legs slightly bent.
Straighten your upper body, tense your abdominal muscles and stretch your hands out to the side. When performing, move your hands from one side to the other.

To intensify the exercise,
weights can be picked up.

© B. Neuweiler

Butt / Booty Exercises - 1 Apple a day keeps the doctor away

The human butt has been one of the parts of the body that human beings, scientists, doctors and psychologists deal with from the very beginning. A trained butt muscle now stands for power and self-confidence. In the past, a large bottom was an indication that a person can eat well. Especially in poorer countries, this is still one of the main selection criteria for many people.

1. Floor scale - 🥥

trained muscle groups: buttocks

Stand up on one leg and bring the other leg + arms into a horizontal position. Balance this position and hold for 3-5 seconds.
The page can be changed after 10 repetitions.

2. Supine leg raises - 🥥

trained muscle groups: buttocks

Lay on your back and put your arms down sideways.
Stand up with one leg and stretch the other upwards as vertically as possible. Now raise the pelvis and hold this position for 10 seconds.
The page can be changed after 10 repetitions.

3rd squat (classic squats) - 🥥

trained muscle groups: buttocks

Spread your legs apart across your hips.
Tense your stomach, crouch and straighten up again.

The page can be changed after 10 repetitions.
Note: The knee should not be pushed over the toes.

Depending on the training level, the exercise can be intensified by a weight in the hand.

Squat alternative with barbell weights -
in Athletics Wear sports fashion

Bianca with a variation of
Squats on the pole dance pole

© B. Neuweiler

4th chair - 🥥

trained muscle groups: Buttocks, thighs

Get up from your knees and stretch

Leg and buttocks weight and light dumbbells -
with Athletics Wear sports fashion

Whole body workout - burn that calories!

Many sports exercises and workouts combine different elements and thus offer a great full-body workout.

1. Burpees (whole body training) - 🏖️

addresses all problem areas

The Burpee, or push-up jump is one of the most effective all-body exercises to tackle problem areas. The Burpee combines push-ups, squats and a jump.

Spread your legs apart across your hips. Squat down and support your hands shoulder width from your feet. Jump into the push-up position and do a push-up. Now jump back in front of you with your feet and close the exercise with a stretch jump.

2. Arm-leg extension - 🏝️

► Arms, legs, buttocks

Kneel on all fours, hips over the knees and shoulders over the wrists. Extend your right leg and left arm and
hold the position. Change pages after the appropriate time.
Make sure that your back stays straight!

3. Push-up - 🥥

► Arms, chest muscles

Place in the push-up position.
The arms are close to the body. Turn your palms slightly inwards,
so that the elbows point outwards. Do the pushups slowly. Arms and elbows should stay as close to the body as possible.