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Size Charts

Every body is unique and
different in shape.

"No one can be forced into a norm".
So always the justified question of the "right size".

The size charts of the Swedish brand
Anarchy Apparel

Depending on your height and measurements, you can determine
whether you're more of a Size S, Size M, Size LOr Size XL order.
When in doubt: Since elastane is a very stretchy fabric, 
possibly one size smaller if it should fit the skin optimally.

Anarchy Apparel Size Guide - Overview

Size chart Anarchy Apparel sportswear from Sweden

Anarchy Apparel Size Chart - Leggings

Anarchy Apparel - Size Chart / Dimensions Leggings

Anarchy Apparel Size Chart - Pants

Anarchy Apparel Pants - Size Chart Sports Fashion

Anarchy Apparel Size Guide - Tops

Anarchy Apparel Tops Size Chart - Sports Fashion

You are welcome to send us your feedback,
so that we can constantly improve.

Athletics wear - the wonder of size
with the Copacabana feeling.
Your all in one protection leggings

The specialty of this brand is that
extreme adaptability to the skin.
The Leggingsthat grow with you.

One of the best and most beautiful feedback
we recently got
when a woman sent us pictures saying:

"You don't believe it, the leggings fit,
and even after pregnancy".

In our collaboration we currently have
two main sizes, the Athletics wear offers:

Athletics wear AW regular
International XS S S M M
DE 34 36 38 40 42

Athletics Wear - Luz Elena Echeveria Molina (Lucecita) on the beach in Athletics Wear sportswear

So far, this size fit testers in a range of XS / 34  / U.S. 8 up to M / 42 / US 14without sacrificing quality. Therefore, we offer a size guarantee with AW-Regular and assume the direct return costs in the case of a return.

Athletics wear AW Curvy
International L L XL XL XXL
DE 44 46 48 50


Athletics Wear Curvy Line - sportswear up to size XXL / 52

Curvy Line for sizes 44, 46, 48, 50, 52

So far, this size fit testers in a range of M / 42  / U.S. 14 up to XXL / 52 / US 24without sacrificing much of the quality. We therefore offer a size guarantee with AW-Curvy and assume the direct return costs in the event of a return.

In this way we can conserve resources and relieve the environment.