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Curvy by Athletics Wear

Curvy fashion by Athletics Wear - designed for curvy women with sizes 44, 46, 48, 50, 52

Nachdem Athletics wear Surprised with "normal" fashion for almost 3 years, the topic came in 2019 curvy on. Through a gym of the same name near us, we wanted the need for well-fitting Sport Leggings cover for these people.

After some news between Athletics wear and
my sports paradise then became the special one for us Curvy line
brought to life. The Curvy Line has that same quality
like the normal line.

Curvy Moe by Athletics Wear

Leggings with compression, opaque, non-slip and
adapt to the body shape in a natural way.
Ideal for women with lipedema and lymphedema

But the Curvy fashion of Athletics wear is far more important than we are
ever thought it. After we met Britta, we wanted to know. What exactly does Curvy Fashion stand and what is the feedback from a woman who has been dealing with compression and compression fashion for years
apart. So we sent Britta two of our Curvy models to test.

The following text is Britta's uncut feedback.
This text is for any woman with lymphedema or Lipedema of interest.
Because it is these women who live a large part of your day
Compression modeto cope with everyday life as painlessly as possible
can. With the Curvy fashion by Athletics Wear we can now do this
Offer women sporty and colorful models, far from plain colors

Now the feedback:

Yes, exactly, it's about sports pants today! And you can immediately
breathe properly again, I'm wearing knee-highs under sports pants.

I was allowed to #curvyline of the brand # athleticswear® of ????
Testen Put it through its paces and I did it!

These pants are actually on the size 44-52 designed.
I don’t wear pants but in my old shaggy pants
stands 4xl and in
@lunalargo I wear one 56.

I think it looks really great visually.

These sports pants have a compression component and keep everything there,
where it should stay! Of course, never without compression, especially with lymphedema BUT finally I can also wear sports pants
and feel even nicer playing sports.

Every now and then you like something other than
# flat knit carry.
Even if mine
#venotraincuraflow of @bauerfeindmedical 💙
is opaque and I usually just wear it with a t-shirt, for example during sports. Sometimes I also like variety and I am so so happy you these great pants from the #copacabana to be allowed to introduce

@Lippabritta in Curvy Mode by Athletics Wear
© @lippabritta

Feedback end
You can read the post here: