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Jo aka Jo Black

Jo is a sports all-rounder and she has it
my Sports Paradise sports fashion before more
got to know than 2 years.

Jo has several licenses as a fitness coach and nutritionist
in the sports, fitness and nutrition area.
  • Fitness Coach license A
  • Fitness Coach license B
  • Medical fitness license
  • Nutritionist license

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Jo at the forest workout in Athletics Wear sports fashion

Jo- workout in the forest in Athletics Wear sports fashion - shooting Romy Scheel

Days without sport are almost unthinkable for Jo. Even with one
flawless restday is sometimes a 5km-10km cardio
Unit inserted with the dog.

Jo is very versatile and has tried many sports. Most of them are on board
Athletics Wear sports fashion.

Jo Black Photo: Romy Scheel - Athletics Wear sports fashion

With all of these Kettlebell, Krav Maga, running units on Ash track
supportive sportswear is extremely important. With Athletics wear
you found sportswear with a good fit here.

Unter dem #bettermentwithjo Jo writes some useful ones
Tips and learnings to the area Sports.

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Jo on the rest day at the water

Jo at the restday on the water - Photo: Romy Scheel