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Ela | @Hoopfoxxy | the woman of the hula hoop

Ela, HoopFoxxy, or, as we say, the Lady of the Rings. If Ela can do one thing perfectly, then Hula Hoop in many variations.

We have known Ela for just over 2 years.
It is therefore also Athletics Wear expert from the very beginning.
As a learned trainer For you, sport is the oxygen of the day.

HoopFoxxy is often combined
Workouts and dancing with the hula hoop.

We are happy that our sports fashion Ela
with their artistic hula hoop performances.

Here you come to IG's profile.

Hula Hoop Dance with Hoopfoxxy and Athletics Wear
in the mountains, in the snow

Ela, Hoopfoxxy with a sensual hula hoop dance at night in Athlketics Wear leggings

Ela, Hoopfoxxy with her hula hoop
Dance choreography on the water

Ela, Hoopfoxxy in white coconut leggings with a hula hoop show against a colorful graffitti background

Hoopfoxxy and Hula Hoop Chrissy in a hula hoop sport night. The Hula Hoop duet in a beautiful play of lights. Supported by Athletics Wear sports fashion for an optimal hold.