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Dr. Samira Samii - international MBA sports manager

Dr. Samira Samii, MBA sports manager

Sympathy meets an ambitious, friendly & humorous power woman.
These are reasons why Dr. Samira Samii so popular with her colleagues,
in a previous absolute male domain.

my sports paradise is happy about the professional cooperation
with Dr. Samira Samii and her team.

Each of us who are for
  1. Top sport (soccer)
  2. Fashion
  3. Medicine
  4. Charity

interested, Ms. Dr. Samira samii know.

Dr. Samira Samii on the social pressure from football professionals

Samira samii is a cosmopolitan and has already been at home in many regions of the world. She was born in Persia and grew up in southern France and Canada.

Different areas of responsibility in international management functions, as well as her business know-how in her own successful companies, characterize the professional success of this power woman.

By founding your own Sports management agency became the basis for a global, successful cooperation with various companies, Professional athletes, sports clubs, top international teams of football and associations created.

Over the past few years, Dr. Samira Samii made an internationally known name for her achievements and success.

With these teams is Dr. Samira Samii, among other things, very familiar.
amongst other things: VfL Wolfsburg, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, Schalke 04, Red Bull Leipzig, Vfb Stuttgart, Arsenal London, Paris St. Germain, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin, AS Monaco, Manchester United, and many more.

Dr. Samira Samii at tennis - Athletics Wear

Dr. Samira samii became an international
Sports and marketing manager of Gulf countries
elected and also received an award as Woman of the year.

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Cooperation period: 2018

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