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We give you the 16% VAT + 16% on top

my Sports Paradise gives you the 19.07.2020% VAT + 16% on top until 16. On our entire range

Suitable for Arrival of the new athletic wear denim leggings there is a new one Discount offer by my Sports Paradise. On July 01.07.2020st, 16 the value added tax was reduced to XNUMX% by the end of the year. But do you as a consumer really have something of it, as it is advertised in politics?

We say no, because if the prices are not reduced at the same time, entrepreneurs who have 6 months of reduced taxes are more likely to be happy here.

If requested by a customer we decided to give you the 16% VAT + 16% discount. The discount is already set, so you don't have to do anything other than look for your favorite styles.

Athletics Wear, Anarchy Apparel, our casual styles, or games and puzzles from the After Sports category

Find your favorite style before anyone else finds it :-)

Denim collection from Athletics Wear

Here is an extract of the new ones
Denim collection from Athletics Wear

Model in Athletics Wear - short breather

Short breather until your favorites arrive?

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