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Denim styles - Copacabana Airline on its way to Germany

Here he speaks Copacabana Airline captain.

We are currently in Colombia, Bogota and wait for our departure.
The weather is sunny and slightly cloudy at the current 17 degrees.
Buckle up, the denim styles will be in Europe soon.

And now halfway normal: :-)

Final elements are there.
With certificate of origin A0354110, the denim styles from the pre-sale are on their way to Germany. For all of you who are already looking forward to your new achievement in Copacabana sports fashion,
you can also send the shipment to UPS unter der
1Z66R11R0420011572 track.

But one question remains open especially for us.
Will it be a hassle-free correct import?

So far we have had negative experiences with two forwarders,
despite the documentation being followed.

For all not logisticians:

Most of the freight forwarders go there and tough customs clearance on the imported goods. For us, this always means complaining about the bill, long discussions, resubmitting the documents, waiting for them
Customs office has made a decision.

Previous record was a broadcast
which was only correctly calculated 9 months later.

You can place bets.
Can UPS clear customs properly?
So far it looks good.

If the current information is correct, the goods will be delivered on Monday Delivered on July 06.07.2020th, XNUMX. I would allow 1-2 days of delay due to the customs clearance.

We are therefore confident that your pre-orders between the 07.07.2020 and 09.07.2020 will be sent to you.

We look forward to your feedback and
every link, recommendation on social media.
@ #mysportsparadise

Your copacabana airline captain :)

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