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Coronavirus - Covid-19 - Consequences and effects - discount campaign

Now it has definitely arrived everywhere.
The Corona Virus. No we are not talking about the hop drink we are familiar with.
Our insider tip for that Word of the year 2020
Insider tip for that The word of the year 2020 is toilet paper.

Covid-19 was initially smiled at from Germany and even more from the USA. The previous dimensions are already enormous. Through the daily inspection of the stock exchange and the money movements there, we were already aware of the dimensions that could open up. Nevertheless, we are just at the beginning and the final dimensions can only be guessed at the present time.

Likewise, my sports paradise notices the effects of the virus.
Therefore, we will also take measures to ensure that Covid-19,
the corona virus does not settle in our sports paradise.

We follow the current economic dimensions and have
our prices started, for an indefinite period,
um Some more than 30% to reducate.
Therefore, current discount codes must be used for economic reasons
temporarily adjusted or deactivated.

"Now is not the time to think about profits or profits".

Now we have to stick together as a community and show
that we are aware of the current and especially upcoming economic situation.

"The greatest opportunities arise in times of crisis".
For you this means that you are ours Top brand Athletics Wear
can buy at a greatly reduced price.

Sale - discount - woman on shopping tour

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