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my sports paradise

More than sport.

The COPACABANA feeling
on your skin.

Fitness & relaxation!

Sportswear with the Copa Cabana feeling

Many people feel it Sports.

my sports paradise would like the heavenly
Give a feeling of what you're training hard for.

It starts with the outfit.

Just thanks to you + your feedback,
your hard training hours,
we can do our functional
Constantly improve sportswear.

my Sports Paradise logo - sea - sun - 2 palm trees

my sports paradise

"more than sport"

Exclusive Paradise sportswear:

Leggings, pants, sports bras, shirts, tops, for:

Aerobics, acrobatics, gymnastics, beach volleyball,
Cheerleading, Crossfit, Walking & Walking, Gym / Gym, Gymnastics, Kangoo Jumps, Krav Maga, Mobility, Parkour, Pilates, Poledance, Stretching, Trampoline, Yoga, Zumba, ...

Laura Sanchez - sports model for athletics wear in jeans style

Athletics Wear - Copa Cabana

Athletics Wear
offers high quality sportswear for today's demands of sports and fitness fans.

We want you to feel that for your training
of idyll, beach & sea with the Athletics Wear sports fashion bring closer.

Those who train for the beach at high temperatures have to atmungsaktiv to, opaque and moisture-regulating Wear fabrics. Of course, these substances must
be friendly, withstand the heavy loads of UV radiation, sweat and chemical loads caused by washing.

Isn't there? Athletics Wear makes it possible.

Cruvy, Jackets, Dresses, Leggings, Tops

Copa Cabana, Medellin, Colombia.
Business partner since 2016

Athletics Wear - sports brand from Colombia - active wear from the Copa Cabana

Anarchy Apparel - sports fashion with recognition

Anarchy Apparel logo white

Anarchy Apparel
is characterized by good product properties and a high recognition value in their designs. Inspired by the diverse and vast nature Sweden, The variety of lakes, forests and beautiful cities inspires new and modern prints. The anarchy apparel designs are often enhanced by a large brand lettering. This is so cleverly incorporated that the lettering completes and rounds off the design.

The high quality is a process based on years of experience and development from other sports segments. So Anarchy Apparel can offer a consistent quality, inexpensive.

Leggings, Tops & Pants.


Athletics Wear as a sponsor of the sports fashion walk in the election for Miss Franken Classic 2019 (Sophia Fröba) in November 2018 at the Maritim Hotel in Nuremberg.

Miss Franken Classic 2019

Still great fit, despite a lot of leg and butt training. No running stitch or loss of gloss / color quality even after 20 washes.

That's what I call top very robust, quality at a good price. Keep it up.


IG: fantastic_in_rubber