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More than sport.

The COPACABANA feeling
on your skin.

Fitness & relaxation!

Sportswear with the Copa Cabana feeling

Many people feel it Sports.

my sports paradise would like the heavenly
Give a feeling of what you're training hard for.

It starts with the outfit.

Just thanks to you + your feedback,
your hard training hours,
we can do our functional
Constantly improve sportswear.

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more than sport

Exclusive Paradise sportswear:

Dresses Leggings, Shorts, Sports bras, shirts, Tops , For:

Aerobics, acrobatics, gymnastics, beach volleyball,
Cheerleading, Crossfit, Walking & Walking, Gym / Gym, Gymnastics, Kangoo Jumps, Krav Maga, Hula-Hoop, Mobility, Parkour, Pilates, Poledance, Stretching, Trampoline, Yoga, and and and, ... also for outside of sports we have a variety of products in the "After Sports" category.

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worldwide shipping

worldwide shipping

Athletics Wear

Athletics Wear - sports fashion with the Copacabana feeling

Athletics Wear
offers high quality sportswear
for today's demands of sports and fitness fans.

We want you to feel idyllic for your training,
Beach & sea with the Athletics Wear sports fashion bring closer.

Those who train for the beach at high temperatures
set a link from your homepage to atmungsaktiv to, opaque and moisture-regulating
Wear fabrics. Of course, these substances must
be friendly, the heavy exposure to UV radiation,
Withstand sweat and chemical loads from washing.

Isn't there? Athletics Wear makes it possible.

Crurvy up to XXL, Jackets, Dresses, Leggings, Tops

Copacabana, Medellin, Colombia.
Business partner since 2016

Athletics Wear - sports brand from Colombia - active wear from the Copa Cabana

Opaque, non-slip leggings with a natural push-up effect and

Especially the Leggings from Athletics Wear impress with the highest workmanship, 100% comfort and 100% functionality.

Dense, firm, skin-friendly and breathable fabrics with a very high compression ratio
ensure an optimal fit on your body and at the same time protect your muscles better from injuries.

Athletics Wear - size chart

Athletics Wear - the wonder of size

Athletics Wear - the miracle of size with
the Copacabana feeling.

One of the best and most beautiful feedback

we recently got:

"You don't believe the leggings

fits while and also

after pregnancy".

We currently offer two main sizes,
the Athletics Wear leggings

1) AW regular
2) AW Curvy

If you want more information on each
You can find sizes on our
Size charts Page in detail.

Lucecita Echeverria Molina in Athletics Wear sports fashion on a staircase

Anarchy Apparel - sports fashion with recognition

Anarchy Apparel logo white

Anarchy Apparel sports fashion

Anarchy Apparel
is characterized by good product properties and a high recognition value in their designs. Inspired by the diverse and vast nature Sweden. The variety of lakes, forests and beautiful cities inspires new and modern prints. The anarchy apparel styles are often ennobled by a large brand lettering. This is so cleverly incorporated that the lettering completes and rounds off the design.

The high quality is a process based on years of experience and development from other sports segments. So Anarchy Apparel can offer a consistent quality, inexpensive.

Leggings, Tops & Pants.

Ela, aka @hoopfoxxy, presents you with her hoop,
the diversity of designs in Anarchy Apparel.

Paradise leggings oasis

The paradise leggings oasis

my Sports Paradise offers you one
paradisiacal diversity Leggings.

The world of leggings of the 21st century knows different variations of leggings.

We have our variations accordingly in
Print leggings, Shiny leggings, Cut-out Leggings, Jeans leggings (Jeggings) and Mesh leggings divided.

With an optimally coordinated MIx of strength and elasticity, Athletics Wear offers opaque, squat proofed
Leggings of the superlative.

Find your favorite leggings in our
my Sports Paradise oasis for your legs.

Athletics Wear sport outfit - Luz Elena Molina Echeverria

Legendz - for sports legends

LegendZ - legends of sport

Under the brand Legendz only sports goods manufactured in Europe are sold. Here is the sport and Fitness towel with topcoat and storage space the absolute must have for every athlete.

Legendz logo - lettering
€ 29,00
Special Price
€ 29,00
Sports towel / equipment cover - my Sports Paradise
€ 29,00
Special Price
€ 29,00

Towels with device covers and zipped compartment

The LegendZ towels for sport, sauna and leisure are more than just a towel. The antibacterial towels are used when selecting the raw materials Triple refined cottonthat only exists in Egypt.

The towels are especially valuable for friends of the gym. The towel can be pulled over all common sports equipment. In the head part there is also a zipped compartment for your valuables.

Miss Franken Classic 2019

Athletics Wear in the Miss Wahl

On November 17, 2018, 14 young women ran
across the stage onto the catwalk.

One of the disciplines was Sports Fashion. My Sports Paradise has the contenders accordingly
you can Leggings, Tops and clothes our
Premium brand Athletics Wear equipped.

You want a cut
or see the whole performance?

Then click here.

Talia Sachs (Miss MIttelrhein) at the MIss Franken Classic 2019 in Nuremberg

Samira Samii - MBA sports manager has the men's scene under control

Samira Samii - MBA sports manager in a male domain - king football

By founding your own Sports management agency became the basis for a global, successful cooperation with various companies, Professional athletes, sports clubs, top international teams of football and associations Over the past few years, Dr. Samira Samii made an internationally known name for her achievements and success.

With these teams is Dr. Samira Samii very familiar.

amongst other things: VfL Wolfsburg, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, Schalke 04, Red Bull Leipzig, Vfb Stuttgart, Arsenal London, Paris St. Germain, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin, AS Monaco, Manchester United, and many more

Dr. Samira samii became an international besten Sports and marketing manager of Gulf countries elected and also received one
Award as Woman of the year.

my sports paradise is happy that our Athletics Wear is also recognized in the Champions League of football!

Dr. Samira Samii - MBA sports manager during tennis training in Athletics Wear sportswear


Athletics Wear as a sponsor of the sports fashion walk in the election for Miss Franken Classic 2019 (Sophia Fröba) in November 2018 at the Maritim Hotel in Nuremberg.

Miss Franken Classic 2019

Still great fit, despite a lot of leg and butt training. No running stitch or loss of gloss / color quality even after 20 washes.

That's what I call top very robust, quality at a good price. Keep it up.


IG: fantastic_in_rubber

The Paradise Creed

Male lifts a dumbbell with one hand

with all our strength for our customers

my Sports Paradise is very important to customer orientation.

Our customers determine whether our work and efforts are rewarded.

Therefore, we always involve you as our customer when it is
about new product ideas or optimizations.

Focus - arrow is in the center of the target

always with the goal in mind

We want to offer you an oasis of products for you as an athlete.

We are in the field of leggings
most specialized.

two-business-men-shake hands

together for a better WE

We want to take you on an exciting journey into the future of sports clothing.

Let ours Leggings oasis and other offers inspire.

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